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The easiest way to find new music is here! Playlit - Music Discovery allows you to find new music from people with similar music taste. Download now to begin discovering music!

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why playlit?

Playlit is the creation of two high school seniors who grew tired of monotonous music discovery services. Veering away from an algorithmic outlook on music, Playlit shifts it back to the personal self expression that it is. Download the app and create your music profile where we will match you with other personal playlists. From there you can find great new music and interact with similar users. Playlit is the social media of music. Playlit is music discovery redefined.


Kheva Mann



Caden Zolezzi


what our users say

"This app really works! I used to listen to the same songs, but this app has let me find new music in different genres that I truly enjoy."


"Playlit is the new way to discover music. This app brings your real playlists that it knows you will like and allows your to add the songs directly to your Spotfy playlists!"


"This app helped me find new music that could go on any one of my playlists. The matching is very accurate."


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